Top Five Benefits of Alternative School Programmes

Top Five Benefits of Alternative School Programmes

Many of us are only familiar with the formal school programmes that are offered in both public and private institutions. These institutions offer similar programmes as per the state’s guidelines. For the common school programme, many learners are given access to the same kinds of information to try and find their areas of best interest.

On the other hand, alternative school programmes are tailored to specific individuals with unique talents and passions. They have been customised by the institution to offer more learning opportunities to learners. There are several definitions of alternative school programmes depending on the context of your argument.

Let us now look at the benefits of alternative school programmes.

Advantages of alternative school programmes

  • Integrated curriculum

An alternative school provides an integrated curriculum that combines both classwork and practical experiences. The alternative school programme is more practical work outside the school, unlike the traditional academic programmes. A learner stands to gain a lot with such a curriculum and they end up becoming the most appreciated figures in society.

  • Personalised learning

Alternative school programmes also provide personalised skill-based education to learners. So, when you enrol in a given alternative programme, you will only be focusing on things that are related to that field while avoiding the rest. This way, you spend most of your time doing things that are within your passion and it greatly boosts your ability to grasp concepts.

  • Learning outside a classroom

As mentioned out earlier, alternative school programmes are not taught within the school walls but outside the school environment. The community is used as a laboratory for learners to gain practical experiences in various fields. This way, learners get to enjoy learning outside the school setting which can be boring at times.

  •  Non-graded learning

Another striking advantage of alternative school programmes is non-graded learning activities. Remember that you have to complete one stage of learning before you are eligible to pursue the next stage with formal school programmes. This does not apply to alternative school programmes since you only enrol on a single programme which entails all the things that you need to know in that field.

  • Fosters creativity

Studies have shown that alternative school programmes have greatly boosted the creativity of learners because they are exposed to real-world problems that require them to think of proper solutions. The learners pick up a lot of information as they go about doing practical works in the community and beyond.

You have to first understand your deepest passion before you can decide on the kind of programme to pursue under alternative school programmes.

Challenges of attending alternative school programmes

As a learner at Busy Schools, you may face the following challenges when you want to get an alternative school programme:

Expensive – since alternative school programmes are tailored to a specific field, it is expensive to enrol in one. The cost of facilitates, tutors, and others are included in the fees and this makes it more expensive than a formal school programme.

Inflexibility – alternative school programmes are only tailored to a given field and learners cannot gain relevant knowledge from other fields. Unlike in academic school programmes where learners are taken through all the basics of relevant fields and it is up to them to decide on what to pursue afterward. So a learner who attends an alternative school programme will have limited knowledge on different things than the one who is attending a formal school programme.

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