Essential professional art supplies to make you paint anything

Essential professional art supplies to make you paint anything

Investing in art supplies depends on your creative goals, personal taste, budget, and the technical requirements of your work. Often, essential professional art supplies are a pricey investment.

Essential Professional Art Supplies

Knowing the essential professional art supplies prevents you from wasting money on things you don’t need. The essential professional art supplies every budding or expert artist needs whether using oils or watercolour medium include:

Drawing paper

Drawing like a pro does not need to invest in fancy sketching paper. Using inexpensive sketch pads will give you the same benefits as that of the pricier ones.

Graphite pencils

Often, painting your chosen subject is not the usual mode. A reliable set of graphite pencils enables you to sketch the trickier parts of a chosen subject. You don’t need to go hog wild in the purchase of graphite pencils. Going for three or four is more than enough.

For shading and sketching, a 2B will do the trick. Lighter shading needs a 4H while creating dark shadows can be achieved with a 6B.

White eraser

Of course, sketching mistakes are bound to happen. And the best way to rub out your mistakes or start all over again is by using a white eraser. Make it the kneaded type while you’re at it.

The putty-like, soft, and pliable features of a kneaded white eraser allow you to shape it in various ways. Shaping the eraser to a small blob allows you to erase or create subtle shading or small details. Not leaving any annoying residue behind as you erase is one of the benefits provided by the kneaded kind of white eraser.

Pre-stretch paper pads

The type of paint you want to use determines the ideal heavy paper to use. A pre-stretched paper works best if the choice of paint to use is watercolours. The pre-stretched paper prevents the paint from pooling by remaining flat even when wet.

Using a non-pre-stretched paper demands a lot of work and waiting time. This is because you have to use water to soak each sheet and tape it to the board for it to remain flat as it dries. A pre-stretched paper, on the other hand, does away with time and work-consuming tasks.

Using heavyweight or canvas acrylic paper are the two choices you have for acrylics. A slighter cheaper version from canvas acrylic paper is using paper pads.

However, canvas acrylic paper offers great benefits to fit its pricier price. The stiffer material of canvas acrylic allows it to stay flat always. This provides a convenience especially when you choose to do your painting outdoors.

You can experiment with both types of paper pads to find the one that fits your style and preference.


Investing in a paint palette does not have to rob the bank. Acrylics and watercolours still work best using an inexpensive paint palette made of plastic. Not only are plastic paint palettes the cheaper option, but they are easier to clean as well.


The must-have brushes you need for acrylics are:

  • 1-inch flat wash brush for painting backgrounds
  • A size 6 filbert for smoothing out details and general painting
  • A small liner brush to paint the finer details

Investing in art supplies does not have to be expensive. Knowing the essential kit to have is the best way to start creating art. Order professional art supplies from reliable manufacturers.

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