Impact of childcare on children’s development

Impact of childcare on children’s development

Just the way parents would want their parenting to have a positive impact on their child’s behaviour and development the same can be asked of a day care worker as well. There is enough research out there which points out that the number of hours a child spends at day-care definitely has a far reaching impact.

The kind of care which a child receives can influence their memory, the language development, their readiness to attend the school and their intellectual development. Children not only learn the numbers and their ABC but they also learn important social skills and work habits which are necessary to prepare them for kindergarten.

Why send your child to rosebud child care

If you have been wondering whether you should send your child to a proper day care instead of home-schooling them the following reasons would help you make a decision:

  1. Children who attend day care have an edge over their peers because they also tend to score higher on standardized tests. They have no problem learning new concepts and ideas and it is something which keeps on developing until they reach primary school.
  2. Attending day-care means that your child is constantly exposed to a new environment plus they come across responsible caregivers who helped them reach success in academic achievements. Children are taught basic concepts of Math and are taught to read and even write. These are cognitive processes which are important for the child’s cognitive development.
  3. One of the most positive effects of attending day care is learning social skills. At day care children come across other children and they learn to interact with them. They learn to cooperate and share. They also learn self control and become more responsible.
  4. Early childhood education has a positive impact on the child’s emotional and behavioural outcomes. There is enough evidence which proves that children develop a positive relationship with their parents as well as their teachers.
  5. Early childhood education also helps develop confidence in children. Children who attend Day Care are comfortable with their fears and they know how to interact because of the social skills which they have learnt. These skills are essential and help them progress to kindergarten without a hitch.

Normally a child care program is designed for two purposes. It can help provide care to children whose parents are at work and the other is to promote the children’s readiness in order to enter School.

If you are looking for a childcare you must ensure that they are registered and licensed to carry out their services. Finding the right child care is crucial in order to enhance your child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. At Rosebud Early Learning Centre, you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands. The caregivers are well trained and experienced in handling children of all ages. They are responsible for your child’s well being. Each child attending Rosebud child care would experience the one on one relationship with their caregivers in a positive environment.

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