Saturday, April 7: “Land and suburbs: where politics is reborn”

What virtuous policies are emerging from the countryside? What are the social and anthropological criteria that are emerging from the suburbs to build new policies? These are just a few questions from which we will begin our reflection on Saturday , April 7th , from 9:00 am in Via di Porta Pinciana 1, in the third appointment of Connections 2018.
The first part will be accompanied by two speakers who are engaged in the front line on the chosen themes:
Roberto Moncalvo , National President of Coldiretti. Born in 1980, he graduated in Automotive Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin and holds the “SettimoMiglio” farm. 
Sergio Sala SI  has been a Jesuit graduate since 1997 with a degree in chemistry from the University of Padua. For 8 years he lives in the heart of the Scampia district, in Naples. From his experience he writes: “We try to hold together three levels of intervention: with people, especially the weakest people; with the associations that deal with them; with institutions, which are very important for solving problems but at the same time are in deep crisis. It is up to us to try to be help without ever taking the place of social services, school or family “.
The meeting will be  coordinated by  Massimiliano Censi and Giulia Milani ,  who is also a city councilor; in the laboratories they will help us to understand how a medium-small municipality manages the policies and the new needs of the territories.